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Tank cleaning installations

Tankcleaning installaties Tankcleaning installaties Tankcleaning installaties Tankcleaning installaties Tankcleaning installaties

Meijer Reinigingssystemen builds tailor-made tank cleaning installations as per the customer's wishes or specifications. Tank cleaning regulations are increasingly being tightened up in view of the strict demands on the transportation of foodstuffs and other products.

Meijer Reinigingssystemen's tank cleaning installations distinguish themselves from other installations with their durability, low maintenance costs and effortless functioning. This makes these installations perfectly suitable for use across the world. The equipment and boiler, if applicable, are preferably constructed in new and insulated sea containers. This has a number of advantages - first and foremost, these constructions are ready for use and easy to transport. Also, they can also be stored outdoors and may even be adjusted for ease of transportation, which is ideal for temporary jobs or sites! Another big advantage is that on-site installation works are restricted.

Meijer Reinigingssystemen's tank cleaning installations are built in-house using only the best components. Quality is never compromised! The installations come standard with low-maintenance stainless steel high-pressure pumps, frequency regulators, metering pumps, PLC controls, certificate printers, etc.

We will be pleased to provide you with more information on professional tank cleaning!

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