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Meijer Reinigingssystemen Tankcleaning Equipment

Spanjelaan 8
NL-9403 DP Assen

T +31 592 262 833
F +31 592 262 384
E info@meijertankcleaning.com

for all your tank cleaning, high pressure
and custom made cleaning equipment

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Meijer Reinigingssystemen B.V. aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information on this Website. It also aims to provide good accessibility of the Website and of the information and products it supplies electronically. Meijer Reinigingssystemen B.V. reserves the right to change the contents of this Website without prior notification.

However, Meijer Reinigingssystemen B.V. shall accept no liability for any consequences due to any inaccuracies in the information provided or due to any outdated information, nor will Meijer Reinigingssystemen B.V. accept any liability for any defects or malfunctions due to errors or delays in providing information.

Meijer Reinigingssystemen B.V. cannot guarantee that emails sent to its address or any other electronic messages will be received or processed on time, and shall accept no liability for any consequences that are the result of it not receiving or processing these messages or not receiving or processing these on time.

Meijer Reinigingssystemen B.V. accepts no responsibility for the contents of Websites to which it refers or for any Websites that carry a hyperlink or other reference to Meijer Reinigingssystemen B.V..

The information provided shall never replace expert advice. The use of information provided shall be for the user's own account and risk. As title holder Meijer Reinigingssystemen B.V. shall reserve all rights regarding the information provided. Information is understood to include all texts, products, prices, graphics and logos.

Dutch law applies to the information contained in this Website and the disclaimer.

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